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Isle of Man

Isle of Man

Renowned for its stunning scenery, sandy beaches and quaint holiday villages, the Isle of Man is totally unique. It is also extremely popular with lovers of motor sports. Each summer the island plays host to the world-famous Isle of Man TT.

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Things to do in Isle of Man

Peel Castle
  1. Explore the landscape

    For those who want to explore the dramatic landscape and coast from the sea, a trip on the pleasure boat Karina is a must.

  2. Visit the gardens of Ballalheannagh

    Wander through an enchanting glen, past waterfalls, streams, ornaments and an astonishing array of plantlife. There are a number of trails through the glen for visitors to enjoy at their own pace.

  3. Take a vintage railway trip

    The island's mix of vintage electric trams, horse trams and steam railways is truly unique in the world and something every visitor must experience.

  4. Golf

    The Isle of Man is blessed with nine great golf courses with stunning scenery to enjoy.

  5. Visit Peel Castle

    Situated on an islet near the harbour of Peel, the castle holds within its walls a wealth of history and the site is covered in ruins dating back to 1000 AD.

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