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Nice's signature attraction is the Promenade des Anglais, a bustling walkway along the Mediterranean. A walk up to Castle Hill is rewarded with a vista of the city, pebbled beaches and the azure water that gives the Cote d'Azur its name.

easyJet fly daily throughout the summer, three times a week during the winter.

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U26113 Departure:
13:20 Bristol (BRS)
16:20 Nice (NCE)
2 hours Yes easyJet
U26113 Departure:
17:25 Bristol (BRS)
20:25 Nice (NCE)
2 hours Yes easyJet

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SN2060 Departure:
06:10 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
08:35 Brussels (BRU)
Brussels BRU 4 hours 55 mins Brussels Airlines
SN3617 Departure:
09:30 Brussels (BRU)
Arrival (local time):
11:10 Nice (NCE)
Brussels Airlines
KL1046 Departure:
06:15 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
08:45 Amsterdam (AMS)
Amsterdam AMS 5 hours 25 mins KLM
AF8271 Departure:
09:45 Amsterdam (AMS)
Arrival (local time):
11:40 Nice (NCE)
Air France

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Things to do in Nice

St. Tropez
  1. Take a City Sightseeing Tour

    Enjoy panoramic views over Nice from Mt. Boron, visit Castel Park, and see the famous Promenade des Anglais.  More >>

  2. Visit an open-air Italian Market

    Book a shopping trip to visit some of the wonderful open-air markets located along the Riviera.  More >>

  3. Cruise to St Tropez

    Discover the Mediterranean coast and visit St Tropez, known for its celebrities, fashion boutiques, cafe-terraces and luxury yachts.  More >>

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