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Malta is a popular tourist resort due to its warm Mediterranean climate, sea proximity, exciting nightlife and a history dating back thousands of years.

Fly to Luqa in Malta twice a week with Air Malta and Ryanair.

Direct flights (from Bristol)

Flight number Flight details Duration Sat 20 Dec Sun 21 Dec Mon 22 Dec Tue 23 Dec Wed 24 Dec Thu 25 Dec Fri 26 Dec Airline

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FR3774 Departure:
09:45 Bristol (BRS)
14:00 Malta (MLA)
3 hours 15 mins Yes Ryanair

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Connecting flights (from Bristol)

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KL1046 Departure:
06:15 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
08:45 Amsterdam (AMS)
Amsterdam AMS 11 hours 25 mins KLM
KM395 Departure:
12:10 Amsterdam (AMS)
Arrival (local time):
15:15 Malta (MLA)
Air Malta
FR507 Departure:
13:50 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
14:55 Dublin (DUB)
Dublin DUB 12 hours 25 mins Ryanair
FR7242 Departure:
18:40 Dublin (DUB)
Arrival (local time):
23:30 Malta (MLA)

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Things to do in Luqa

  1. Dive in St Julian’s Bay

    See coral formations and fish habitats close up on an introductory diving course in the beautiful Reef bay. More >>

  2. Tour Ancient Malta

    Wander through the streets of the medieval capital of Mdina on a tour of Central Malta and visit the Catacombs. More >>

  3. Take a day trip to Gozo

    Experience the greenery of Gozo on a historic tour of the island adjacent to Malta. More >>

  4. Visit the Mediterraneo Marine Park

    Marvel at stunning performances by dolphins and sea lions. More >>

  5. Take a boat trip to The Blue Grotto

    A trip to the The Blue Grotto promises a breathtaking experience in one of Malta’s distinctive sea caves. More >>

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