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WarsawWarsaw is a thriving, dynamic and progressive city, its bar, clubbing and music scene is unmatched in the country. Steeped in history, visit the Old Town, the Royal Castle or the picture-perfect palaces at Łazienki and Wilanów.

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Things to do in Warsaw

Warsaw palace 
  1. Take a sightseeing Tour

    See the Historical sites such as the Ghetto Memorial, the Monument of Warsaw Uprising, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Grand Theatre, Chopin's monument, the Belvedere Palace and the Old Town. More >>

  2. Day trip to Malbork Castle

    A classic example of a medieval fortress; it is the world’s largest brick castle and one of the most impressive of its kind in Europe. The castle and its museum are listed as UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. 

  3. Visit Wilanów Palace

    One of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Warsaw. The typical baroque palace is remarkable for its original architecture, a blend of the European art with the Old-Polish building tradition. More >>

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