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What’s involved in the application process?

Step 1: Application

The role of firefighter at Bristol Airport is a varied one with a real focus on collaboration, teamwork, structure and diligence. We don’t need you to have any previous experience as a firefighter, so you won’t need to apply with a CV.

We’ll ask you to tell us (in 500 words) why you are applying, what skills you have which you believe would be of value to the role, and why the job is right for you. The role requires great attention to detail (so we recommend that you complete this in Word ahead of applying).

We will ask you to answer five questions based on our Values, plus a few judgement-based questions. Whilst these judgement questions are based around an emergency scenario, you do not need any operational experience to answer them. Just let us know which response feels like the right answer.

Step 2: Online Assessments

If you are successful following your application, you will be asked to complete two online assessments. The first assessment consists of two lists of adjectives; and you’ll just need to select words which describe you – first, by selecting words which describe the way that others expect you to act and second, by selecting words that describe you in your own opinion.

The second assessment consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you’ll need to answer as many as you can in 12 minutes. This assessment is timed but don’t worry if you don’t answer all 50.

Step 3: Fitness Assessment

The next part of our process, if you’re successful in your application and online assessments, is an invitation to take part in a fitness assessment.

You’ll be asked to complete a range of activities (so wear training gear!) to test your core strength and stamina. Some of these will involve wearing overalls, hard hats and gloves. As well as this, you’ll be asked to perform a team exercise to show how you work as part of a group.

Step 4: Assessment Centre

If you are successful following the fitness assessment, we will call you back to attend the final stage of our selection process - an assessment centre. Here the team will assess your observation and report writing skills, as well as how you interact with others in a teamwork activity.

You will also interview with our Chief Fire Officer so that we can better understand why you want to join the team at Bristol Airport, and why a career as a Firefighter is the perfect career choice for you.

Step 5: Hired

If you are successful following your interview, you will be made a provisional offer to take a seat on our bench, ready for when the next role becomes available.