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Fitness assessment

If you are invited to attend a Physical Assessment you will need to arrive at our Fire Station at 08:30 ready to complete the fitness assessment activities. Below you can find out more about the different activities.

Beep Test

The Beep Test is a multi-stage fitness test in which you must complete 20 metre shuttle runs in time with audio beeps, until the beeps get too quick for you. It is a maximal test which means it will take you to your fitness limit. The level to be achieved is 9.6.

Sit ups

You’ll need to perform 30 abdominal crunches in time with a beep.

Press ups

As with the sit ups, you be required to perform 20 press ups in time with a beep.

Dead lift

You will be required to lift a total weight of 50kg, once, using a 7ft Olympic barbell from the floor to waist height, with hips fully extended and legs locked out.

Overhead barbell press

Like the dead lift, you will be required to press a total weight of 35kg, once, using a 7ft Olympic barbell from shoulder height to above the head with arms fully locked out.

Sled push and pull

This is designed to test your strength and power to be able to remove a potential casualty from a risk area. Using a sled, you’ll push a weight of 50kg (not inclusive of the 10kg sled) across a concrete floor for 10 metres. You will then pull the sled back to the original position. The time limit for this exercise is one minute.

Hose running

To complete this activity, you will run out a length of 70mm rubber hose weighing approximately 17kg and being approximately 25m long. You will then roll it back for a total of 8 times in 9.5 minutes. You’ll be instructed on the technique for effectively performing this task with a demonstration ahead of the assessment.

Vehicle ladder removal

This assessment has been designed to test your ability to remove a 10.5 metre ladder from a fire service rescue vehicle. You will need to extend the ladder gantry, with the ladder attached, away from the vehicle to full extension into a position where it is ready to be removed.

Safety ladder climb

In this assessment, you will be asked to put on a Safe Working at Height (SWAH) harness and ascend a 10.5 metre ladder until told to stop.

Breathing apparatus crawl

This assessment will test how comfortable you are in confined spaces. You’ll be required to don a Breathing Apparatus set, weighing approximately 15kg. A blindfold will be positioned over the face mask, so your vision is obstructed.

In teams of two, you will be required to stay together and negotiate a confined space course within a set period.