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Living our values

Making a difference

Making a difference to our people, our customers and the local community

  • We work together to create outstanding customer experiences
  • We have a strong social conscience and care about having a positive influence in our local community and issues important to our employees
  • We create an environment where everyone feels valued and can thrive
  • We understand where we can make a difference in our roles to our colleagues, customers, local community and the success of the airport
Working with Passion

We live it, love it, breathe it!

  • We care and take personal responsibility for our actions and results
  • We look for solutions and plan ahead to anticipate challenges and needs
  • We continually develop our knowledge and skills to share across the business and our community
  • We are proud of our airport, our teams and individuals
One Team, One Family

We are a family, looking out for each other and working towards one goal

  • We are supportive of our colleagues and pull together in a crisis
  • We work collaboratively, across teams, departments and business partners in an environment where teamwork and relationships matter
  • We are inclusive and respectful of others, creating an environment where people can be themselves
  • We take time to celebrate successes and achievements
Always Aiming High

We want to lead the way have pride in all we do

  • We are passionate about developing ourselves and others to reach full potential
  • We set and deliver high standards across all we do
  • We inspire others through leadership, management, development and our individual actions
  • We are ambitious and challenge ourselves to find new ways to deliver improvements, efficiencies and value
Doing what’s Right

We consider the impact of our actions and decisions to ensure we ‘do the right thing’

  • We know that achieving a safe and secure environment starts with “me”
  • We listen and keep people informed with transparent and regular communications
  • We lead by example, putting our values and behaviours in action
  • We are committed to creating a sustainable business