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Thomas Cook Airlines offers more holidays and flight seats from Bristol Airport this summer

Created: 20th Feb 2014

As a result of the success of basing an additional aircraft at Bristol Airport last summer, following increased demand from holidaymakers in the region and the best-in-class performance of the airlines’ Bristol operation, Thomas Cook Airlines @FlyTC has today announced that it will increase the size of the aircraft used at the airport from the two existing Airbus A320 to a pair of the larger Airbus A321.

This means that for this summer, there will be a 20 per cent increase in holidays ( and flight-only seats ( on offer with Thomas Cook.

Rob Thompson, Thomas Cook Airline’s Director of Planning, said, “It’s more great news for travellers from the South West as we add more flexibility and choice with flights and holidays from Bristol Airport building on the success of last year’s new routes.

”Bristol Airport is a jewel in our operation, leading the way with on time performance for our fleet during last summer and in the current winter season.”
In summer 2013, Thomas Cook Airlines Bristol fleet had the best performing statistics across the airline with over 90% of flights on time.

The arrival of two A321 aircraft will also mean that the Bristol fleet may see one replaced with a brand new A321 as Thomas Cook Airlines look to receive a total of six across the UK for this summer, cementing the local connection as such orders help sustain jobs at Airbus’ UK plants, including design and engineering jobs in nearby Filton. Regular shuttle services from Bristol Airport to Toulouse and Chester, both of which are home to major Airbus facilities, also help to support the Filton operation..

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, added, “We are delighted to see an increase in the Thomas Cook Airlines capacity at Bristol Airport. Thomas Cook is a key strategic partner for Bristol Airport and we will work hard to support the success of the larger sized fleet to ensure we are top of the list for a brand new aircraft.”

Last year Thomas Cook added new holiday destinations of Gran Canaria and Bourgas in Bulgaria, together with the return of the Kos flight. Larger aircraft will bring more availability for both package holidaymakers and those looking for great flight-only offer from the South West’s leading airport.

As well as holidays and flights available from Thomas Cook and Co-operative Travel stores in the Bristol region, Thomas Cook’s Summer 2014 holidays are available at or by calling 0844 412 5970. Seat only sales can be found at