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Budget response from Bristol Airport

Created: 19th Mar 2014

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement that Air Passenger Duty (APD) is to be reformed, Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Airport, said:

“Abolishing the two highest bands is a welcome first step towards reforming Air Passenger Duty (APD). We have been campaigning for many years for a reduction in what is the highest aviation tax in the world, so it is pleasing to see our efforts recognised.

“As well as enhancing the competitiveness of the UK generally and making it a more attractive option for business visitors and tourists, today’s announcement will benefit an estimated 25,000 passengers a year flying from Bristol Airport to Asia, South America and other destinations over 4,000 miles away via connecting hubs.

“However, overall levels of APD remain too high, with regional airports feeling the biggest impact. We hope the positive effects of the changes announced today will encourage the Government to make further reforms in future.”