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Packexe simply adding value to Bristol Airport car parks

Created: 18th Aug 2014

Everyone worries about organising their holidays, booking tickets, finding passports and organising pet sitters. By the time people get to the airport and park their car they’re often distracted and do not check over their car carefully before heading to the terminal.

Unfortunately, this means that occasionally people will inadvertently leave windows partially or fully open, leaving their car interiors exposed to the elements.

Bristol Airport is one of the UK’s largest regional airports with plans to expand further in the near future. With 14,000 spaces, it has the largest on-site car park in the country and staff take pride in running a well-managed, efficient and safe operation. It was felt that car windows left open, without any protection just wasn’t good enough for their customers. Originally, the solution was taping plastic to the open windows, but it was fiddly work for the attendants and did not look professional enough for customers.

Ellis Mead, Car Park Kiosk Attendant at Bristol Airport, put some time in researching a better alternative and found a range of protection films from fellow South-West company Packexe, less than 80 miles away in Exeter. Fiona Murdoch, Sales Executive at Packexe, recommended him the Packexe® Glass and Glazing film, which was originally designed to protect the exterior and interior of house windows during renovation or decorative works. Bristol Airport trialled the film in the car parks and found it easy to use, long lasting and secure. Having received great feedback from customers and staff, this process has now been rolled out and is used in all airport car parks.

Now, the Ground Transportation Customer Service Team drop an explanatory card through car windows and seal the gaps with the Packexe® Glass and Glazing film. The cars’ interiors are protected against the elements and the covered windows prove the car parks are regularly patrolled and monitored. Once holidaymakers return from their holiday they can just remove the film, which leaves no residue or damage, and drive away.

Graham Howell, Customer Operations Manager (Ground Transportation) at Bristol Airport, said, “As an Airport we are always looking at ways of improving customer experience. We involve staff in finding solutions to issues that we face. This is a perfect example of the team being given a challenge and using their knowledge and expertise to source a new product and supplier to meet customers need.”

Ellis Mead, Car Park Kiosk Attendant at Bristol Airport, said, “I was asked to find an improved product for passengers leaving their windows partly or fully open. I contacted Packexe who were extremely helpful, offering guidance and assistance throughout the trials and its successful introduction. It gives me a great sense of job satisfaction, knowing that I have been involved from the very early stages of resolving a problem faced by passengers and seeing it now used at the Airport.”

Andrew Orchard, CEO at Packexe said, “We are delighted that Bristol Airport has found a new and effective application for Packexe® Glass and Glazing. It is a simple, efficient and affordable solution, which can really add value to their customers’ parking experience.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to other business’ problems, and ask people to challenge our capabilities. Usually we have to create something new (and are happy to do so), but on this occasion, an existing product was the answer.

We are pleased to supply Packexe® Glass and Glazing to another leading South-West UK business and look forward to working together for many years.”