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BDAA is selected as Bristol Airport's Hidden Disabilties Launch Partner

Created: 16th Dec 2016

Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA) was recently selected by Bristol Airport as its launch partner for its Winter Hidden Disabilities initiative which launched on December 16th and will continue in to 2017.

The scheme will see several local charities being invited to use the airport as a venue to raise awareness, with the public and airport staff, of various conditions falling under Hidden Disabilities.

The airport’s Hidden Disabilities initiative forms just part of its Community Engagement programme which sees the airport support various community schemes and charities.

Phil Holder, Bristol Airport said of the scheme: “We are committed to offering support to local charities and organisations through our Community Engagement programme, working in collaboration with OCS the special assistance business partner. So many people are living with disabilities that are not visible and we aim to support charities in raising awareness and improving understanding of those conditions which many people live with on a day to day basis.”

Bristol Airport’s recently opened a £24million west terminal extension. With improved services, conveniences, navigation of the airport and access for travellers, the needs of those living with Hidden Disabilities have been considered throughout the design and build process.

Tony Hall, Founder and Chair at BDAA commented: “We are working to make Bristol the dementia friendly city of the UK. With many thousands of travellers moving through the airport this is an excellent opportunity for BDAA to reach out to people who may not have any understanding of what it is like for people living dementia, and for the many carers who selflessly get on with the job of caring every day, every year.

We are extremely grateful to Bristol Airport for its support. Chances are we will all experience dementia in one form or another during our lifetime, and today allows us the opportunity help Bristol become The Dementia Friendly City of the UK.”

To find out more about BDAA, or to run a Dementia Friends session in your company call Tony today on 07849 403018 or visit