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Bristol Airport foreign exchange tender opportunity

Created: 6th Dec 2017

Bristol Airport has today announced that it is to put out its airport Foreign Exchange service to tender.

Bristol Airport is the ninth largest airport in the UK and the fifth largest airport outside of London. In 2017 over 8 million passengers used the Airport with planning approvals now in place for 10 million passengers per annum.

Foreign Exchange providers are invited to express their interest in providing a Bureaux Exchange service to the Airport.

Having invested more than £160 million in new infrastructure and facilities since 2010, Bristol Airport is well positioned to serve passengers across the South West of the UK, and also provides a gateway to the region for international visitors.

Kate Ridgers, Head of Commercial Development at Bristol Airport said:

“With the expiry of the existing agreement due in Spring 2018, we wish to tender for the foreign exchange provision. We are looking for a key business partner to provide a first class service to our passengers.”

Expressions of interest for the concession are required in writing by 15 December 2017. Interested parties should contact [email protected] for further information.