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Bristol Airport and the city get latest Vodafone 4G technology

Created: 5th Mar 2018

Bristol Airport, as part of its drive to create a leading regional Airport as well as stimulate employment and economic growth, has turned to Vodafone UK to install the most reliable mobile network ever, including faster 4G speeds and more reliable voice coverage throughout the complex.

Under the new agreement, Vodafone will upgrade and expand its network across the Airport over the next few months to ensure the Vodafone customers who make up the eight million travellers who use the airport each year receive fast mobile connections in departures, arrivals and on all transport links. Around 3,000 people who work at Bristol Airport will also benefit from the improved communications.

Tom Marks, Head of Vodafone UK’s South West region, said:

“Bristol Airport connects to over 120 direct destinations and we are delighted to be able to provide the world-class mobile connectivity it needs to support the economy of Bristol and the surrounding area. And our network improvements don’t stop at the airport. Whether its sightseeing at the local docks, visiting the Bedminster art scene or studying at Bristol University, we will continue to invest to offer our customers a great mobile experience indoor and out, throughout the South West region.”

Sarah Trewella, Head of IT at Bristol Airport said:

“By working with Vodafone we will be able to provide our passengers with much better coverage for both voice and data services across the whole Airport. Our staff will also have access to much more reliable communications, improving efficiencies and enabling us to utilise more effective communication tools.”

This Bristol Airport upgrade plan forms part of Vodafone’s multi-million pound investment programme in the South West region which has already resulted in 4G being made available to around 99% of Bristol*. Local residents and businesses are now using their mobile devices more than before to access the internet, send and receive emails and stream videos, with 4G mobile data traffic increasing by around 78% compared to this time last year.

Vodafone is also laying the foundations for 5G – the next generation mobile network expected to arrive over the next couple of years to coincide with compatible smartphones and devices. Using a 5G-like network technology called Massive MIMO located just outside Bristol Temple Meads railway station, Vodafone is able to boost capacity and speeds in an area where lots of people connect to the network at the same time. The company expects to roll out this service to additional sites, including busy transport hubs, in the area throughout 2018.