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Aviation Industry reminds passengers of the risks of having “One Too Many”

Created: 23rd Aug 2018

With Bristol Airport expecting bumper passenger numbers this Bank Holiday weekend, “One Too Many” Bank Holiday refresh reminds passengers of the risks of drinking to excess.

The Government-backed “One Too Many” campaign has warned passengers to fly responsibly this busy bank holiday weekend or risk being grounded.

As a number of UK airports prepare for record bank holiday peaks, the new social media campaign reminds air passengers to “Keep it fun. Don’t be the one.”

Both Manchester and Bristol Airport who are participants in the national campaign are expect-ing bumper passenger numbers with some 111,000 people due to fly in and out of Manches-ter today (Friday) alone – making it the busiest day of the year for the airport so far. Bristol also expects over 115,000 over the four-day period, up over 6% on last year for the regional airport. 

The initiative forms part of the broader “One Too Many” summer campaign currently live in ten airports across the UK, highlighting the costs of drinking to excess when travelling by air. 

These include the risks of being denied boarding, having a plane diverted and the associated costs which include heavy fines, up to two years’ prison, an airline ban and a diversion fee up to £80,000 for the most serious in-flight incidents.

The latest messaging will be rolled out via a national Facebook and Instagram social media campaign over the four-day bank holiday period. It builds on the existing social media campaign targeting groups which has been running for the past four weeks reaching over 1 million people to date.

Participating airports include Manchester Airport Group, AGS Airports, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Gatwick.

Speaking ahead of the busy Bank Holiday period, Francois Bourienne, Chair of the UK Travel Retail Forum said: 
“The August bank holiday is a popular time for people to squeeze in a last-minute getaway or to take a family holiday before kids go back to school.  We urge all those travelling over the weekend to know their limits and be respectful of their fellow passengers. Disruptive incidents are rare but when they do happen they can ruin holidays for everyone – not just those involved.”