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Bristol Airport introduces The Ramble Tag

Created: 23rd Jan 2019

Working in partnership with OCS, special assistance business partner at Bristol Airport, additional assistance is now available for visually impaired passengers whilst at the Airport. The Ramble Tag is designed specifically for use by visually impaired people, to improve the experience of guided walking.

The Ramble Tag is a guidance aid. It’s a lightweight harness worn by a guide on their upper arm, offering a comfortable handle as an alternative to linking arms. The product is comfortable, weather proof and uses latest design technology.

What is it and how did it come about?

The Ramble Tag was created by Laura Maclean, and Tom Forsyth who himself is visually impaired. Both have fairly large dogs, with Laura as the guide they often walked together. Several times during their walks they lost continuity and personal contact. On one of these occasions Laura commented that Tom needed something to hold on to, and Tom replied “a wee handle!”

They both immediately realised how easy it would be to retain contact this way. This discussion sparked the concept and idea. From the early days they developed prototypes, designs and illustrations refining and developing the product at every stage until The Ramble Tag was created.

Laura MacLean joint creator of The Ramble Tag said:

"Tom and myself are over the moon to have our invention - the Ramble Tag, welcomed with open arms by Bristol Airport. It is so exciting to see passengers use it for the first time in a busy airport environment. The Ramble Tag addresses several issues, which we hope will become very apparent when tried.

“We believe they will make a positive difference and it's great to feel that others see the potential with us. We are very grateful for the support we've been shown, and here's hoping that it makes travelling easier and more consistent for visually impaired users. "

Phil Holder, Bristol Airport said:

“We are delighted to introduce The Ramble Tag for passengers using Bristol Airport. We appreciate airports are busy and confusing places for visually impaired travellers. After a successful trial with OCS our special assistance provider we could see the benefit immediately for visually impaired passengers. The Ramble Tag is available for passengers who have requested visual impairment assistance on arrival at the Airport – offering piece of mind each time they travel.”