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Bristol Airport Community Fund Tops £1 Million Milestone

Created: 14th Jun 2019

Over 260 projects supported since Fund commenced in 2012

Local School Community Projects
A fund set up to support local community projects around Bristol Airport has made grants totalling more than £1 million since it commenced just over seven years ago.  

The milestone was reached at a recent meeting of the management committee which oversees the Airport Environmental Improvement Fund (known at the Local Community Fund) at which over £177,000 was granted to local community projects and to fund noise insulation for local properties.  Over 260 projects in parishes neighbouring the Airport have been supported since the Fund launched in 2012.  

Each year Bristol Airport contributes a minimum of £100,000 to the Airport Environmental Improvement Fund, with the figure increasing in line with growth in passenger numbers.   The Fund’s Management Committee includes representatives from both the Airport and North Somerset Council and is independently chaired. 

Last year a total of 37 projects were supported with contributions ranging from £500 to £7,800.  This included noise insulation grants for local residents; solar panels in Backwell; outdoor classroom in Winford; local school engagement programme; and improvements to Barrow Gurney, Cleeve and Backwell Village Halls; and various environmental and landscaping projects in Winford, Barrow Gurney and Cleeve. 

The Fund’s purpose is to help mitigate the impact of the Airport’s operations and to give something back to surrounding communities who are situated in close proximity to the site.  Projects which could be eligible for support include initiatives to mitigate the impact of aircraft and ground noise, improvements to transport infrastructure, measures to reduce community severance, nature conservation, educational projects and local sustainability initiatives.  The Fund’s area of benefit includes the parishes of Winford, Wrington, Backwell, Brockley, Cleeve and Barrow Gurney. 

For further information please contact the Bristol Airport Local Community Fund Administrator on 01275 473615 or email [email protected]