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Bristol Airport looks to the future - Local jobs to attract local people

Created: 30th Jan 2020

Bristol Airport will submit a Skills and Employment Plan to North Somerset Council for agreement within 6 months of the commencement of the Airport’s development plans. The Skills and Employment Plan will be aimed at achieving the delivery of employment opportunities for residents in North Somerset and the surrounding area looking for a career at the Airport.

The Skills and Employment Plan will set targets for a range of employment, volunteering, mentoring, apprenticeship, training and development activities and will achieve benefits and positive outcomes for local people. It will follow an action plan in line with industry best practice and incorporate apprenticeships aligned to the “Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Client-Based Approach” relating to the construction phase of the development.

As part of the Skills and Employment Plan a financial contribution of up to £300,000 will be made to commission specialist employment support providers to deliver a range of skills, learning and development training. The fund will be jointly administered by North Somerset Council and Bristol Airport.

Bristol Airport will also engage with local primary, secondary schools and universities to develop opportunities for young people and adults to access employment at Bristol Airport. An ongoing ‘Monitoring Programme’ will also be established and will set out agreed performance indicators against which the implementation of the Skills and Employment Plan will be monitored.

Around 4,000 people are currently employed at the Airport, across 50 on-site employers. The future development of the Airport to handle up to 12 million passengers per annum in the future means the workforce is forecast to grow.

Debbie Hartshorn, People Director, Bristol Airport said:

“This is further demonstration of our commitment to support employment growth in the region and create jobs and opportunities for local people with a local employer. The introduction of Bristol Airport’s Skills and Employment Plan combined with our financial investment will assist in shaping the skills and talent needed for the region’s future success.”

Dr Paul Phillips, CBE Principal and Chief Executive of Weston College welcomed the initiative commenting:

“The initiative of supporting people to develop careers and also retrain for new employment routes is both significant and pertinent.”