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Major Public Transport Operators Welcome Bristol Airport’s Public Transport Interchange Development

Created: 25th Nov 2020

Bristol Airport has announced plans to bring forward the construction of a new multi-million-pound Public Transport Interchange (PTI) facility.

The PTI will deliver substantial improvements for passengers and staff who utilise public transport with increased capacity and new facilities, enhancing their experience at the point they interchange at the airport site.

The submission to North Somerset Council, also includes associated development. All of the proposed development is located in the northern part of the airport site, to the west and north of the main terminal building. The development site lies wholly within the operational area of the airport. Specific improvements include:

The PTI will be located adjacent to the Terminal on the site of the existing Drop and Go Zone, to the west of the terminal building and south of the hotel. The location will provide customers with the ease of access to the Terminal and all associated facilities.  It is proposed the existing Drop and Go Zone will be relocated to the existing car parking area to the north of the terminal and adjacent to the multi-storey car park. This will ensure access for all pedestrians to the Terminal remains safe and convenient.

James Freeman, Managing Director, First West of England said:

“First West of England welcomes improvements to facilitate the provision of public transport services at Bristol Airport. Any improvements to the facilities for both our staff and customers are welcome and supported. Provision of additional space for vehicles to park ahead of their next scheduled departure is welcome, as this was often problematic with the pervious arrangements on the terminal forecourt. A passenger terminal interchange with appropriate facilities also presents opportunities in the future for First West of England to consider operating more services to and from Bristol Airport. We look forward to continuing to work with Bristol Airport over the coming years to improve public transport options.”

Martin Curtis, MD, Bath Bus Company said:

“The proposal to establish a new Public Transport Interchange at Bristol Airport is warmly welcomed.  We have witnessed substantial growth in public transport use to and from BRS, in recent years– which appears to have been greater than passenger growth generally at the airport. This is an indication that more and more airport travellers have chosen the bus connections rather than use private transport. The establishment of a much improved Public Transport Interchange will ensure that choosing public transport becomes an even more attractive option for traveling to or from Bristol Airport, as its location will be convenient and will save time compared to other travel options. The easier and more attractive public transport use becomes, the more potential passengers are drawn to this option and in due course – once the pandemic has been overcome – will, we are sure, result in still greater use of bus services generally.  The new PTI will be an important step towards this.”

Michael Watson, Managing Director, Stage Coach South West said:

“Stagecoach and Falcon are delighted to support this development. Bristol Airport is a very important contributor to the local economy and employer in the region. Our Falcon service transports tens of thousands of passengers to and from the airport each year in a sustainable manner. Any investment in supporting infrastructure will only encourage further sustainable travel to and from the airport. We will support Bristol Airport in any way we can.”

Dave Lees, CEO, Bristol Airport said:

“The proposed new Public Transport Interchange will enhance the accessibility of the airport for passengers and staff using public transport. Sustainability and greener growth is at the heart of Bristol Airport’s plans and this development supports our ambitions to become carbon neutral for direct emissions by 2025 and a net zero airport by 2050. The PTI will deliver a substantial improvement in the public transport offering at the airport.”