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Bristol Airport’s ACC Chair update January 2021

You may be aware of the work of the Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) - it is a forum where the airport management, local residents (generally represented by their elected councillors), and other ‘stakeholders’ (e.g. airlines, tourism, passengers, the local business community and trade unions) meet to discuss, and exchange information and ideas. It provides the opportunity for concerns to be raised and considered and hopefully resolved, and gain mutual advantage from the facilities offered by the airport.

All airports which handle passengers are obliged, by law, to have a consultative committee and most of these airports are members of the UK Airports Consultative Committees group. Bristol ACC is a member of this group and, as chairman of the ACC, I serve on the UKACCs working group.

Over the last five years since I joined the Bristol ACC it has been noticeable that all airports have similar problems and we are all learning from each other. Bristol, similar to other larger UK airports has a problem with inconsiderate parking and drivers not using the airport parking facilities but impacting the local villages surrounding the airport.

I am delighted to report that the Bristol ACC participated in a ‘Parking Summit’ where the parish councils, airport police, and airport management met to resolve local residents concerns. In response to the feedback from local residents and the collaboration of all members of the Parking Summit, the Airport opened a free 1 hour waiting area situated by the entrance to the Silver Zone car park and this facility has toilet facilities, with drinks and snacks available close by at the Flight Lounge.*

More recently at a meeting of the Local Community Fund (I am also chairman of the Committee) one of the local Parish Councils received a grant from the Fund contributing towards the installation of additional signage directing drivers to use the free one hour waiting zone. The problem may never go away completely but there have been marked improvements in the situation. What I am really proud of is the fact that other airports had a similar problem and copied Bristol’s ‘Parking Summit’ idea with great success. This is typical of the issues handled by your ACC and all the ACCs are learning from each other and sharing best practice.

Baz Hamblin
Bristol Airport Consultative Committee

*The Flight Lounge is temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions in place this decision will be reviewed in line with Government regulations.