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Bristol Airport’s ACC Chairman's Blog October 2021

Our October meeting was opened with a presentation from John Savage who has recently joined us to represent the interests of tourists visiting Somerset and the South West: John is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of Visit West. Tourism and the visitor economy provide the second largest economic activity for the region and it is a vital provider of employment. As the pandemic eases, we look forward to welcoming more tourists to our area.

The CEO of the Airport, Dave Lees, reported that the Airport was steadily getting back to “normal” (will we ever see the world exactly as it was before the lockdowns?). He also confirmed that the UK aviation industry aims to be net zero carbon emissions by 2050 but Bristol Airport is aiming to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

There is still a problem with vehicles being parked in the area around the airport, especially taxis waiting for inbound flights. This is still happening in spite of the Airport providing a free waiting area (by Silver Zone car park) with courtesy bus transfer to the terminal. The Airport will liaise with North Somerset Council and Winford Parish Council on the provision of more signage to indicate parking is available at the airport for taxis and family and friends awaiting inbound flights.

The committee was unanimous in their disappointment with the demise of the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN). ICCAN was formed only two years ago and has highlighted problems with planning legislation (or the lack of it) covering residential development near airports and the required sound insulation, deficiencies with building regulations covering sound insulation, the standardisation of how various noise insulation systems are rated in their effectiveness, etc. In a relatively short time ICCAN has brought together the problems associated with noise near airports and how to deal with it. One of ICCAN’s recommendations was to include information about where a property is located in the noise footprint of any local airport in the ‘searches’ conducted by solicitors prior to house purchase. Since all airports are required to publish details of their noise footprint this would be a very simple process and information could also be available about grants available for a property for sound insulation. This information should be available to any potential purchaser of a property near an airport and I am delighted to report that Bristol Airport has made this information available on their website. However, it has been decreed that the work of ICCAN will now be spread between the Civil Aviation Authority, Airport Consultative Committees and the Department for Transport.

Please note that I would be delighted to meet with any parish council or community group to discuss the role of the Airport Consultative Committee (ACC) and I can be contacted via email at [email protected].

Baz Hamblin
Bristol Airport Consultative Committee