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Planning for the future

We need to plan for the long-term to ensure we can continue to meet demand for air travel to and from the region we serve.

A conversation about the airport’s future began towards the end of last year, with a consultation set against the backdrop of our distinguished past, presenting a window on the busy airport of today, and a glimpse into an ambitious future. In ‘Your airport: your views. A World of Opportunities’ (available at www.bristolairport.com/future), we asked what you thought our Master Plan should deliver.

Your comments have helped inform our latest thinking, and our new document ‘Your airport: your views. Towards 2050’ demonstrates how we have listened.  In particular, it provides greater clarity on timescales for proposed development, as well as how we intend to manage and mitigate impacts for local communities and the environment. Our consultation will run until 6 July 2018. 

This consultation provides an update on the preparation of our Master Plan, including a summary of your feedback from our previous consultation, our latest thinking, and our ambitions for the future. We explain how we aim to give more certainty, particularly with respect to setting out the next step in our phased approach to growth.    


Current developments

Our 2011 planning permission consists of 30 separate component projects which have been delivered in a phased approach. Much of this development – including two major terminal extensions – has been completed. Other projects will commence soon, including construction of a multi-storey car park opposite the terminal.

Developments at Bristol Airport

Previous plans

Our long term vision for development was first set out in a Master Plan published back in 2006 in response to the 2003 Government White Paper, the ‘Future of Air Transport’. 

Our Surface Access Strategy sets out how we aim to deliver a low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network for travel to and from Bristol Airport for staff and passengers.

Our Noise Action Plan sets out measures to control and mitigate the impacts of noise.