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Complaints Policy & Procedure

1. Scope and Purpose

Scope: This policy is designed to ensure that everyone is responsible for the service they provide to our customers at Bristol Airport. The policy is also designed to inform customers of what they can expect when they raise a complaint with us.

Purpose: Bristol Airport is committed to providing a quality service for all customers; however, we do accept that at times we may fall short of what both we and our customers would expect. Bristol
Airport values open and honest feedback from our customers; allowing us to review and listen to customers to improve the way in which we deliver our services. This policy and procedure outline the way Bristol Airport will facilitate complaints.

2. Complaint Definition

Bristol Airport defines a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction with the services that Bristol Airport provides either directly or indirectly. A complaint will be accepted regardless of whether it is delivered verbally, in writing or via social media or any other communication channels.

3. Policy Statement

4. Complaints Performance Standards

5. Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

A complaint is fully investigated by a Customer Relations Executive. From acknowledging the complaint to its full response, they will ensure that the customer is provided with an explanation and an outline of any actions that will take place following their complaint.

Stage 2

If the customer is unhappy with the response, they can request for their complaint and the response to be reviewed by a Senior Manager. The request must clearly explain the dissatisfaction with the response, the reasons why a review is requested and the resolution they are looking for.


If the customer is unhappy with the response from the Senior Manager, they can ask for the decision made in respect of their complaint to be reviewed by a Director. The request must clearly explain the dissatisfaction with the responses and the reason why the appeal is requested. If it is considered that the request is unreasonable the appeal will be denied, the complaint will be closed, and the customer will be provided with advisory guidance on the next steps.

The Aviation Adjudication Scheme

Bristol Airport is a member of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the largest Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers in Europe. CEDR is a Civil Aviation Authority approved ADR provider. In some cases, where a resolution cannot be found between Bristol Airport and the customer, they will be able to take their case to CEDR. Details can be found at

6. Related Policies and Procedures

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