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Emergency planning

Safety is of paramount importance and Bristol Airport works closely with airlines, business partners, local authorities and the Civil Aviation Authority to develop safety procedures and promote best practice across the site.

The operational objective of Bristol Airport’s Rescue and Fire-fighting Service (RFFS) is to achieve a response time not exceeding three minutes to any point on the runway. All resources will also be dispatched in the event of any incident within the full response area, which extends to a 1.5 mile radius from the Airport boundary.

Beyond this 1.5 mile radius, the Airport RFFS response is determined by the officer in charge, whose decision will be influenced by requests for assistance or information from police, fire and rescue or medical services at the scene of an incident.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, North Somerset Council has a duty to plan for reasonably foreseeable emergencies in North Somerset. The Council produces and maintains plans to respond and recover from emergency incidents which may impact the community, and its plan for an incident at Bristol Airport can be found here.

Bristol Airport’s emergency response capability is tested regularly and audited by the Civil Aviation Authority. Where such an exercise is likely to be visible from local properties, for example when emergency vehicles are in attendance, all efforts will be made to inform residents in advance to avoid causing alarm.