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The Border Force website houses useful information about travelling through the border including advice on how you can prepare yourself so that you’re processed as quickly as possible.

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Top 10 tips for travellers entering the UK

1. Passports and travel documents

Always produce a valid passport or travel document for yourself and any child you are travelling with. If you have a different family name or you are not the child's parent, we may ask for proof of your relationship or a letter of travel consent from the parent.  

2. e-passport gates

Anyone that’s over 12 years old and has a chipped passport from a supported country can use the e-passport gates.  This service offers a secure, self-service alternative to conventional border controls.  To assist us getting you though as quickly as possible please remove passports and ID cards from wallets or passport holders before presentation to the officer/using the egates.

3. False or misleading information

Never give false or misleading information (including false receipts or documents) to a UK Border Force Officer.

4. Rules on restricted or banned items

Just because an item is on sale in another country, it does not mean that it can be brought to the UK. You need to be aware of the rules on restricted or banned items.

You are not allowed to bring endangered animals and plants, including products made from them, into the UK unless you have a permit.

5. Counterfeit goods, drugs or offensive weapons

Never bring in counterfeit goods, drugs, offensive weapons (including knives) or indecent or obscene material.

6. Large sums of cash

You must declare any sums of cash of 10,000 euros or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you are travelling from a country outside the European Union. For more information, please click here.

7. Prescription medicines

You may need a licence to carry some prescription medicines into the UK.

8. Restrictions on food products

There are restrictions on food products that you can bring into the UK from outside the European Union, even for personal use. For example, you cannot bring in meat or dairy products. Restrictions also apply to fish products, egg and honey products, and some fruit and vegetables.

9. Tobacco, alcohol and gifts

There are allowances on the amount of goods such as tobacco, alcohol and gifts you can bring into the UK.

10. Carrying banned items may face a penalty

If you are unsure of any item you are carrying, you must speak to a UK Border Force Officer.

Remember: Carrying items that are banned or for which you don't have a licence or permit is illegal - if you are caught smuggling, you could face severe delays and penalties, including imprisonment. 

For more details on all restrictions please click here