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Return to the airport

When you arrive back at Bristol Airport you will be met by a member of the OCS team who will assist you off the aircraft through Immigration (international flights only) into the baggage reconciliation hall, where they will assist you with the collection of your baggage and onward to complete your journey.

As with your departure from Bristol, please make sure your airline is aware of your requirements for your arrival into Bristol. They can then inform OCS of your needs on arrival and importantly are ready to provide the service to you. If you haven’t pre - booked assistance, please let the airline staff know as soon as possible so that the flight crew can radio ahead and inform OCS.

Special Assistance ramp at Bristol Airport
On arrival at Bristol

Airline staff will ask assisted passengers to remain seated after landing until the special assistance staff arrive. This will allow the other passengers to disembark first, which means you can leave the aircraft at your own pace, and with as little or as much help as you need. It also aids the special assistance staff to identify and assist everybody that requires assistance.

The special assistance staff that assist you from the aircraft may not be the person who takes you all the way along the arrivals route. Sometimes, after disembarking, passengers are taken to a seating area close to the Arrivals hall. Special assistance staff will then provide the assistance you need through the airport, whether this is a walking escort or wheelchair.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

When you arrive at Bristol your wheelchair or mobility aid will be off loaded from the aircraft hold and made ready and available in the Ambulift as you disembark the aircraft.


If you are an international passenger, you will require to pass through Immigration and have your passport checked. If you are being assisted by OCS, they will take you through a special route which will make it easier, especially if you are using a wheelchair.

If you are a domestic passenger your travel documents will not require any checks prior to entering the baggage hall.

Baggage Reclaim

Special assistance can be provided to baggage reclaim where the special assistance staff member (OCS) can be asked to help you retrieve your luggage from the luggage belt. Once your luggage has been retrieved OCS will escort you to the landside arrivals concourse to meet with your onward method of travel.

If your baggage or equipment has been damaged on route to Bristol please report it to a member of staff before leaving the baggage hall. If you are in the International Arrivals Hall this can be done at the Baggage Services desk located opposite belt 5. If you are in Domestic Arrivals damage can be reported via a courtesy phone, please look for the sign directing you to this. A member of the OCS team will be able to assist if required.