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Useful links

EU Regulations 
Transport if you're disabled
Disability and Air Travel
Flying with your assistance dog 
GDAAD: Travel with assistance dogs

General Information

Bristol Airport PRM standards 
CAA Quality Standards Winter 2020/21
CAA Quality Standards Summer 2020
CAA Quality Standards Winter 2019/20
PRM Standards Summer 2019
PRM Standards Winter 2018/19
PRM Standards Summer 2018
PRM Standards Winter 2017/18
Airline contact details 

Special Assistance Consultative Committee meeting notes

22 March 2022
26 October 2021
20 February 2020
28 August 2019
7 February 2019
9 August 2018 
26 January 2018

Work with disability organisations

OCS Group UK Ltd initiatives
Hidden Disability Card
Changing Places Facility
BDAA Hidden disability launch