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Tenerife is famous for all year round sunshine and black sand beaches, which are attributed to the Volcano "El Teide" situated at the centre of the island.

Fly up to five times a week with First Choice, Thomas Cook and Thomson, as well as low cost airlines easyJet and Ryanair.

Direct flights (from Bristol)

Flight number Flight details Duration Sat 25 Apr Sun 26 Apr Mon 27 Apr Tue 28 Apr Wed 29 Apr Thu 30 Apr Fri 01 May Airline

Flights are ordered by their departure time.

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FR4753 Departure:
06:25 Bristol (BRS)
10:45 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 20 mins Yes Yes Yes Ryanair
U26095 Departure:
07:25 Bristol (BRS)
11:40 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 15 mins Yes easyJet
TCX7422 Departure:
07:30 Bristol (BRS)
11:50 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 20 mins Yes Thomas Cook
U26095 Departure:
07:45 Bristol (BRS)
12:00 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 15 mins Yes easyJet
TCX7266 Departure:
08:20 Bristol (BRS)
12:40 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 20 mins Yes Thomas Cook
U26097 Departure:
16:25 Bristol (BRS)
20:40 Tenerife (TFS)
4 hours 15 mins Yes easyJet

Charter flights (from Bristol)

Flight number Outbound day & time Arrival time (local) Operating period Operator

Flights are ordered by day of the week, beginning with Monday.

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TOM6550 Friday
07:00 Bristol (BRS)
16:15 Tenerife (TFS ) 25/03/2015 – 29/04/2015 Thomson

Connecting flights (from Bristol)

Flight number Flight details Via Duration Airline

Flights are ordered by their duration length to help you find your quickest route.

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FR4755 Departure:
14:35 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
18:45 Lanzarote (ACE)
Lanzarote ACE 8 hours 30 mins Ryanair
NT485 Departure:
20:30 Lanzarote (ACE)
Arrival (local time):
21:20 Tenerife (TFN)
Binter Canarias
BM1821 Departure:
07:00 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
09:40 Frankfurt (FRA)
Frankfurt FRA 9 hours 5 mins bmi regional
AB2380 Departure:
11:00 Frankfurt (FRA)
Arrival (local time):
14:45 Tenerife (TFS)
Air Berlin

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Things to do in Tenerife

Mount Teide
  1. Discover Mount Teide, Tenerife’s most spectacular natural feature

    Tour the magnificent Canadas del Teide National Park, and walk or take the 8 minute cable car to the top of the highest point in Spain to see stunning views of the island of Tenerife.

  2. Have fun at Siam Park, Europe’s largest water theme park

    Set in a tropical oasis reflecting the ancient kingdom of Thailand, enjoy breath-taking water rides, the white sandy beach, the lazy river and giant wave pool and various themed restaurants and café bars. More >>

  3. Make a day trip to Loro Park

    Home to the largest display of penguins and collection of parrots in the world, Loro Park is known worldwide for its unique blend of animals. Sealions, a dolphinarium and aquarium are at home alongside Tiger Island, Jaguar Crater, Goriland and the Orchidarium, with more than 1,000 orchids year round. 

  4. Explore the island of La Gomera

    Take a ferry crossing to San Sebastian de la Gomera, harbour and capital of the island. Visit Christopher Columbuses house, a major tourist attraction, his last stop before his epic voyage in 1492 to discover the Americas. 

  5. Go whale watching and snorkeling

    Take a memorable catamaran cruise across a gorgeous ocean sweep where whales and dolphins play.  More >>

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