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A heady mix of stunning scenery and the best of contemporary living, Guernsey is the perfect destination. Inspiring walks along the cliff paths, rambles through the rural interior or lazy days on the island’s beautiful beaches.

Fly five times a week with Aurigny, seasonal variations.

Direct flights (from Bristol)

Flight number Flight details Duration Sat 25 Oct Sun 26 Oct Mon 27 Oct Tue 28 Oct Wed 29 Oct Thu 30 Oct Fri 31 Oct Airline

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SI4270 Departure:
09:55 Bristol (BRS)
13:00 Guernsey (GCI)
3 hours 5 mins Yes Yes Yes Blue Islands
SI4271 Departure:
09:55 Bristol (BRS)
13:20 Guernsey (GCI)
3 hours 25 mins Yes Yes Blue Islands
GR643 Departure:
12:40 Bristol (BRS)
13:35 Guernsey (GCI)
55 mins Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Aurigny
SI4291 Departure:
13:30 Bristol (BRS)
16:50 Guernsey (GCI)
3 hours 20 mins Yes Blue Islands
SI4331 Departure:
17:30 Bristol (BRS)
19:10 Guernsey (GCI)
1 hour 40 mins Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Blue Islands
SI4332 Departure:
17:30 Bristol (BRS)
19:30 Guernsey (GCI)
2 hours Yes Blue Islands

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Connecting flights (from Bristol)

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SI429 Departure:
13:30 Bristol (BRS)
Arrival (local time):
14:30 Jersey (JER)
Jersey JER 2 hours 40 mins Blue Islands
GR435 Departure:
15:10 Jersey (JER)
Arrival (local time):
15:30 Guernsey (GCI)

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Things to do in Guernsey

  1. Visit Castle Cornet and Gardens

    Discover the history of the castle which has stood guard over the harbour of St Peter Port for almost 800 years.

  2. Guernsey Folk and Costume Museum

    Vivid insight into life on the island 100 years ago. Displays include domestic life, farming, fishing and seafaring, trades, the tomato industry, local costume and transport.

  3. Admire The Little Chapel

    Possibly the smallest chapel in the world, beautifully decorated with seashells, pebbles and colourful pieces of broken china.

  4. Visit Victor Hugo’s House

    The author of Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, spent 14 years in exile here during the reign of Napoleon III. The house, decorated in flamboyant style by Hugo himself, is well preserved in its original condition.

  5. Take a day trip to Herm or Sark

    Both islands are within easy reach of Guernsey by ferry. Visit the tranquil beach paradise of Herm or step back in time to the traffic-free environment of Sark overflowing with natural beauty.

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