Monday 28th July 2014
Departing toAirlineFlight numberScheduled departureNotes
MUNICH bmi regional BM1845 1205 Departed
INVERNESS easyJet EZY393 1210 Departed
ROME easyJet EZY6185 1210 Departed
GUERNSEY Aurigny GR643 1220 Departed
LAS PALMAS Thomas Cook TCX7236 1255 Boarding
CORK Aer Lingus EI3843 1255 Departed
TOULOUSE easyJet EZY6139 1300 Departed
SHANNON Aer Lingus EI3655 1305 Departed
DALAMAN Thomson Airways TOM646 1315 Departed
BERLIN-SCHOF easyJet EZY6237 1320 Departed
AMSTERDAM KLM KL1052 1325 Departed
COPENHAGEN easyJet EZY6135 1335 Departed
RZESZOW Ryanair FR8224 1425 Departed
PAPHOS easyJet EZY6261 1435 Departed
BURGAS Thomson Airways TOM6164 1515 Departed
FUNCHAL easyJet EZY6245 1515 Departed
DUBLIN Aer Lingus EI3285 1535 Departed
BODRUM Thomas Cook TCX7816 1555 Departed
PARIS-CDG easyJet EZY6223 1610 Departed
GLASGOW easyJet EZY405 1620 Departed
AMSTERDAM easyJet EZY6167 1625 Departed
FRANKFURT bmi regional BM1827 1630 Departed
EDINBURGH easyJet EZY427 1635 Departed
HAMBURG bmi regional BM1837 1650 Departed
CORFU easyJet EZY6211 1725 Departed
BRUSSELS Brussels Airlines SN2058 1725 Departed
JERSEY Blue Islands SI433 1730 Departed
AMSTERDAM KLM KL1054 1730 Cancelled -Contact Airline
KQ1054 1730
AZ3883 1730
MADRID easyJet EZY6035 1735 Departed
ABERDEEN bmi regional BM1807 1740 Departed
IBIZA Ryanair FR8264 1745 Departed
MALAGA Ryanair FR8121 1805 Departed
BELFAST INTL easyJet EZY445 1805 Departed
PRAGUE easyJet EZY6267 1820 Departed
PALMA Ryanair FR8244 1830 Departed
BARCELONA easyJet EZY6029 1835 Departed
FARO easyJet EZY6009 1845 Departed
MALTA Ryanair FR3774 1850 Departed
DUBLIN Aer Lingus EI3287 1905 Departed
MALAGA easyJet EZY6057 1940 Departed
PALMA easyJet EZY6045 1945 Departed
ALICANTE easyJet EZY6075 1955 Departed
EDINBURGH easyJet EZY429 2000 Departed
DUBLIN Ryanair FR509 2055 Departed
NEWCASTLE easyJet EZY570 2130 Departed
Tuesday 29th July 2014
Departing toAirlineFlight numberScheduled departureNotes
PALMA easyJet EZY6039 0600 Bag drop desk 1-11
BRUSSELS Brussels Airlines SN2060 0610 Self service checkin
FARO Ryanair FR8248 0610 Check-In desks 1-5
AMSTERDAM KLM KL1046 0615 Self service checkin
MALAGA easyJet EZY6051 0615 Bag drop desk 1-11
BERGERAC Ryanair FR6026 0625 Bag drop opens 0325
EDINBURGH easyJet EZY421 0635 Bag drop desk 1-11
NAPLES easyJet EZY6231 0640 Bag drop desk 1-11
FRANKFURT bmi regional BM1821 0640 Check-in Opens 0440
MURCIA easyJet EZY6011 0650 Bag drop desk 1-11
HAMBURG bmi regional BM1831 0700 Check-in Opens 0500
NEWCASTLE easyJet EZY566 0700 Bag drop desk 1-11
ABERDEEN bmi regional BM1801 0700 Check-in Opens 0500
ALICANTE Thomson Airways TOM6232 0700 Check-in Opens 0430
BELFAST INTL easyJet EZY443 0700 Bag drop desk 1-11
NICE easyJet EZY6113 0700 Bag drop desk 1-11
FARO easyJet EZY6005 0705 Bag drop desk 1-11
PALMA Thomas Cook TCX7312 0715
GLASGOW easyJet EZY401 0715 Bag drop desk 1-11
TENERIFE easyJet EZY6095 0725 Bag drop desk 1-11
ANTALYA Thomas Cook TCX7652 0730
PALMA Thomson Airways TOM6224 0730 Check-in Opens 0500
REUS Ryanair FR8336 0800 Bag drop opens 0600
DUBLIN Ryanair FR505 0805 Bag drop opens 0605
DUBLIN Aer Lingus EI3281 0815
GIRONA Ryanair FR9336 0910 Bag drop opens 0710
AMSTERDAM KLM KL1050 0920 Self service checkin
JERSEY Blue Islands SI427 0955
GENEVA easyJet EZY6153 1000 Bag drop desk 1-11
ALICANTE easyJet EZY6071 1005 Bag drop desk 1-11
SPLIT easyJet EZY6205 1010 Bag drop desks 1-11
PALMA Ryanair FR8244 1025 Bag drop opens 0825
BARCELONA easyJet EZY6025 1035 Bag drop desks 1-11
LAS PALMAS Ryanair FR4757 1120 Bag drop opens 0920

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