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Security scanner

How does the security scanner work?

The security scanner uses safe millimetre waves to identify objects that could be hidden on a person.

The system will create a stick like figure of the passenger’s body afterwards. The whole process takes under 10 seconds to complete and is completely harmless.

Security Scanner - Guide for Passengers

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Medical statement

Please speak to a security agent on the day if you have a metal implant/limb, we would also recommend obtaining a confirmation note from your GP prior to your departure. If you are unable to walk through the metal detector, a security agent will have to hand search you.

It is within your right to opt out of using a security scanner. This will mean that you will require a full body search by a member of the security team. Please be advised that this may take some time to complete to ensure the security agents are satisfied with the quality of search they perform.

If you are unsure about how your medical condition could affect your journey through Bristol Airport security. Please speak to one of the friendly security agents on the day who will be able to assist.

Privacy statement

The security scanner creates a stick like figure of a passenger rather than using an actual image. This means the passenger cannot be identified. It will pick up items that the security agent may need to investigate. Other members of the security team who are trained and vetted may also view this image and passengers may see their own image too. The image is deleted after the security agent has investigated it and cannot be recovered at a later date.

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