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At the Airport

When you arrive at Bristol Airport for your flight, you will need to check-in and go through security as normal. If you need assistance you should go to our special assistance desk located in the terminal concourse.

We have detailed these steps and included all the information you will need here.

Dedicated Drop Off Point:

There is a dedicated drop off point in our Drop & Go Car Park, please follow signs for disabled parking. There is a Help Point with a telephone to call for assistance, alternatively you can call for assistance using your mobile - 01275 473449.

Special Assistance Help Point at Bristol Airport

Reception Areas:

If you are using our Silver Zone Car Park, please park in one of the special assistance bays and proceed to the Reception building a short distance away. Once checked in you will be transported to the Terminal by one of courtesy buses all of which have ramps for easy access, the driver will be happy to assist if required.

Bristol Airport Silver Zone bus with special assistance ramp

Once in the Terminal please proceed to the OCS reception desk which is located in the terminal concourse. This desk should always be manned by our special assistance service provider OCS. If this is not the case, there will be a phone and number available for you to call for help.

Special Assistance Desk at Bristol Airport


If you have booked assistance or requested assistance at the Reception desk a member of the OCS team will take you to check-in and assist you with the process.

Check in Desk at Bristol Airport


There is a dedicated assistance lane through security (Lane 1), the staff are trained to take care of customers with additional needs. If you have booked assistance and have checked in at the Special Assistance reception desk a member of the OCS team will help you through the security process.

Dedicated Special Assistance Lane at Bristol Airport Security

If you are travelling independently and would like to take a quieter route through to the Departure Lounge, after passing through the dedicated security lane follow the “sunflower route” (depicted by sunflower floor logos) which will take you up to the mezzanine level, avoiding the Duty Free shop. Alternatively ask a member of the OCS team and they will guide you through to the Departure Lounge reception area.

You can find advice on travelling with medication in our security section Before you travel.

Security at Bristol Airport 
Changing Places Facility

The Changing Places facility at Bristol Airport is located in the Arrivals concourse.

Standard accessible toilets are unable to meet the needs of all travelling customers with a disability, the Changing Places facility provides additional features, including more space to make it easier for carers to assist, a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, and a tracking hoist system.

Customers wishing to use the Changing Places facility can contact the staff at the OCS Special Assistance desk for access.

Changing Places facilities at Bristol Airport

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is located in the Special Assistance area in the Departure Lounge.

It is wheelchair accessible and free for customers departing from the airport, with 45-minute sessions available through our booking system.