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Bristol Airport responds to government hotel quarantine restrictions

Created: 28th Jan 2021

Dave Lees, CEO, Bristol Airport said:

“We welcome Government’s announcement that passengers from international Covid-19 red list of countries will have to hotel quarantineSafety is our key priority and the introduction of this measure helps in protecting our nation at this key time.   We look forward to a time when measures can be reduced and eventually removed as the vaccine is progressively rolled out which will help remove uncertainty and allow people to travel more freely.

“Bristol Airport, along with airports across the UK, has never had the opportunity to recover from COVID-19. We continue to highlight to Government the urgent need for immediate additional economic support and steps to support recovery. When the time is right and travel restrictions ease we will ensure Bristol Airport is in the best shape possible to support customers, colleagues and the region’s economic recovery.

Airport Operators Association (AOA) press statement:

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement that arrivals from 22 COVID-19 hotspots will have to quarantine in hotels, Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“It is welcome that the Prime Minister has listened to our concerns and ensured that the new measures only apply to a limited number of countries. However, strict travel restrictions were only introduced recently, and it remains unclear what additional public health benefit mandatory hotel quarantine would have.

“It is vital the government now sets when and how we can ease all these measures safely and provide people with reassurance that travel will be possible again in the future.

“Aviation will be vital for the UK’s recovery, and for the UK Government’s ambitions for a globally trading Britain. None of that is possible if the Government keeps laying blow after blow on an industry already reeling from the worst year in aviation history, with areas relying on regional airports dealt the toughest hand. 

“The Australian and New Zealand governments have backed up their government-ordered aviation shutdowns with more than a billion dollars in combined aviation-specific support. It’s time the UK Government backed their tough stance on border with similar financial support for the industry hit hardest by that stance.”