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Working at Bristol Airport

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

There are over 2,500 employees working at Bristol Airport for around 50 different organisations so it cannot fail to be an exciting and dynamic environment. The nature of our industry means we are connecting people from all over the world and our workforce needs to be diverse so we can fully reflect the needs of our customers.

At Bristol Airport we believe that our employees should feel they can be 100% themselves at work which can only happen within a diverse and inclusive workplace that is safe, secure and actively supports employee well-being. All companies at Bristol Airport aim to create an inclusive workplace for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion and belief or non-belief in keeping with our One Team, One Family company value.

Our actions must speak for themselves, from a job applicant feeling confident of a fair and inclusive selection process, to a long serving employee having access to robust wellbeing support and inclusive company policies that don’t tolerate any form of discrimination. We want every team member to feel able to bring their whole selves to work, and to feel they make a valued contribution to our business. We call it “Doing What’s Right.”


It’s really important that everyone working for Bristol Airport understands our strategy, vision, values and recognises how their role contributes to the bigger picture. Not only do we need to ensure that Bristol Airport is a great place to work, but also a great place to live near and an ethical choice of airport for our passengers to use. Not only do we have ambitious plans to deliver a sustainable and greener future, we have targets and policies in place to ensure we deliver on our plans, more information can be found here.


We're proud of our shared values. They're what bring and bind us together.

Living our shared values keeps us on the same flight path, and it's by living our values, that we've created an airport we can all be proud of.

Our values reflect who we are, how we do things, and where we want to be. They're embedded in our journey right from the start, throughout the recruitment process, as we learn and grow, and when we communicate.

How were the values created?

As one team we spent time reflecting on and discussing the way we like to work and treat people and capturing it in words that meant something to us – words we use every day and not just “corporate speak”. We ran workshops, focus groups and individual sessions involving colleagues from across the business, asking questions and listening to feedback to ensure the outcome was meaningful, relevant, and reflective of the culture that we all embrace, and make us proud to work at Bristol Airport.

They underpin and promote the behaviours which will take our business forward and that will support our growth in the years to come. We're proud of our shared values and hope you are too.

Our values
  • One Team, One Family: We are a family looking out for each other and working towards one goal.
  • Make a Difference: Making a difference to our people, our customers and the local community
  • Doing What’s Right: We consider the impact our actions and decisions to ensure we do 'the right thing'.
  • Working with Passion: We live it, love it, breathe it!
  • Always Aiming High: We want to lead the way and have pride in all we do.

Our purpose