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Aviation Carbon Transition Programme

The Aviation Carbon Transition (ACT) Programme is a fund to kick start and fast track decarbonisation initiatives in the South West focusing on Scope 3 emissions from flight and transport at Bristol Airport. 

It provides individual grants to organisations developing technology that could help the aviation industry transition to zero carbon emission flight. The annual fund is capped at £250,000, with applicants urged to propose bids not exceeding £50,000. Exceptional projects may merit consideration for amounts beyond this limit. 

Projects should address at least one of the following priority areas:
  • Alternative Fuels: Develop and research alternative fuels for aviation that have lower carbon emissions compared to traditional jet fuels. This could include biofuels, hydrogen-based fuels, or synthetic fuels. Storage, handling, aircraft refuelling/defueling, distribution, and associated technologies at Bristol Airport.
  • Electricity: including charging, storage, handling, batteries, electric distribution, and associated technologies at Bristol Airport.
  • Local offsetting: projects to generate positive carbon reduction which can be used to offset emissions from Bristol Airport where applicable.
  • Innovative Technologies: Support the development of innovative technologies and solutions that have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions from aviation, even if they are in early stages of development.
  • Infrastructure and Operations: Focus on improving airport infrastructure and operational practices to reduce carbon emissions, such as optimizing air traffic management systems, implementing ground-based electric vehicle fleets, or enhancing airport energy efficiency.

This includes, but not limited to, direct and indirect emissions reduction through:
  • Airside/Landside infrastructure to enable lower/zero emissions flight.
  • To allow for strong strategic partnerships to drive delivery of alternative fuels/decarbonisation.
  • Research and Development of alternative fuels to enable use by Bristol Airport and its customer airlines;
    Design and implemented processes and procedures to reduce and/or eliminate Scope 3 emissions, using Bristol Airport as a potential test bed.
  • To provide alternative opportunities for offsetting emissions whilst driving stacked benefits i.e. ecological, health and well-being as well as carbon reductions.
  • Establishing a framework to enable the verification, purchasing of national, regional and local offsets outside of international markets for voluntary schemes.

In order to make an application to the ACT Programme, the project must be:
  • Based in the UK or have a UK registered office; and
  • A business or university of any size.
  • Joint proposals with multiple organisations will be accepted however a lead organisation must be appointed.


Projects supported through this funding must deliver a robust and full assessment of the carbon emission reduction benefits that the project would deliver if funding were to be awarded. Bristol Airport’s decision is final and may also identify projects that meet the criteria.

The 2024 Application window will close on Friday 12th July 2024.

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