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Children’s charity set to fly into an exciting new chapter

Over 80 key Charity stakeholders attended the Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) inaugural Showcase event at the Centreline AV Hangar, Bristol Airport.

A unique opportunity to meet flight teams, learn about their specialist care capabilities and the exciting new developments and growth that the Charity is about to embark on - entering a new chapter of the Charity’s evolution with a new identity and expanded purpose. New Corporate Partner Pula Aviation Services Ltd and Lucy AAC’s preferred service provider, Capital Air Ambulance, enabled this event and closely support
the national charity’s ongoing growth.

Launched in 2011, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children has established a strong reputation for flying babies and children to hospitals in the UK and, increasingly from abroad. The Charity exists to help the whole family for as long as needed, to ensure improved outcomes for both the child and their support network. The Charity will soon be changing its name to honour the daughter of two of its trustees; Emilia ‘Lia’ Schoennagel, who passed away in September 2022 at only five years old. Since
then, Lia’s family has worked with Lucy AAC’s management team to raise a significant amount for the charity, which will enable it to fund more air transfers, train additional medical staff and continue to develop its partnership with the NHS.

Over the next few weeks and months Lucy AAC will become Lia’s Wings, to celebrate Emilia and her family as the Charity grows. "We are embracing the next chapter of our charity’s evolution with a new identity and expanded purpose, thanks to Lia,” says Charlotte Young, CEO of Lucy AAC. “Lia’s parents, Patrick and Melissa, channelled the love they have for their daughter in such a remarkable way. We’ve made it our goal to ensure Lia’s memory will live on through our work, as we strive to save and change children’s lives in her name.”

As Lia’s Wings the Charity will be able to:

• Fund more life-changing air transfers to ensure children can access the critical care they
• Expand our family care package so that the whole family is supported whilst their child is in hospital.
• Continue to develop our partnership with the NHS to be an influential voice for families whilst their child is in hospital.
• Provide training for more medical staff to help grow our service further.

For more information or to see how you can support the charity visit