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Bristol Airport partners with Breeze to offer hassle-free eSim data in 150+ countries

Bristol Airport today struck a partnership with global eSIM store Breeze that will give its customers access to the best mobile data packages in 150+ countries worldwide.

Instead of having to put up with roaming costs, patchy Wi-Fi services or fiddly plastic SIM cards, Breeze puts users in control of a global marketplace for mobile data where packages ranging from 7 days duration and 1GB of data (and upwards) can be instantly purchased, downloaded and activated.

Rupert Lawrie, Commercial Director, Bristol Airport said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Breeze to provide customers flying from Bristol Airport a fantastic alternative to using their sim card abroad. We felt this new, 100% digital experience was a compelling opportunity to offer those travelling for business or leisure a cheaper way to stay in touch with those at home or to organise travel, especially when travelling to places where they’d otherwise get hit by high roaming charges.”

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