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Record number of passengers on Airport’s A1 Flyer Bus Service

The number of people using A1 bus to travel to Bristol Airport this summer soared by almost 40% compared to 2019

  • Quarter of a million passengers used the A1 Airport Flyer this summer
  • The bus service runs from Bristol City Centre to Bristol Airport


Just under quarter of a million people used the A1 Airport Flyer bus service to travel to Bristol Airport this summer, with journey numbers soaring by almost 40% compared to pre-pandemic figures. The massive increase is in sharp contrast to national bus performance, where passengers numbers are down compared to where they were before covid.

The number of journeys this summer was the highest the A1 Airport Flyer has experienced since it was introduced. The A1 Airport Flyer links Bristol city centre and Temple Meads with Bristol Airport, operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, and runs every 12 minutes during peak times. Staff commuting to the Airport have been able to travel for free on the service since August 2022, as part of efforts to reduce employee car journeys and cut emissions.

Responding to the record demand for the A1, Bristol Airport will be adding extra services in the evening.

Ed Condon, Transport Development Manager for Bristol Airport, said:

“We’re delighted that the A1 Airport Flyer is proving so popular, but we’re determined to do more. Bristol Airport has got ambitious targets to increase the percentage of passengers and staff travelling by public transport, so we’ll continue to look for opportunities to improve services across the region we serve.

Tickets for the A1 can be bought in advance on the Bristol Airport website, where you will also find timetables and route maps. Passengers can also tap on with their bank card when boarding the bus.”