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Airport Consultative Committee

What is the Airport Consultative Committee?

The aim is to create a forum to enable communities in the vicinity of the Airport, local authorities, local business representatives and other interested parties to exchange information and ideas. It is independently chaired and membership compromises stakeholders from local communities, business groups and airport users.

It also provides an opportunity for interested parties to better understand the Airport operations.

The ACC provides the opportunity for the concerns of interested parties to be raised and considered by the Airport, with a genuine desire on all sides to resolve any issues that may emerge.

Message from Barry Hamblin, Chairman
Barry Hamblin Airport Consultative Committee Chairman

“I was appointed Chair of Bristol Airport’s Consultative Committee in July 2016. The role of the Committee is to improve the understanding between the Airport, neighbouring community, local authorities and any special interest groups. The quarterly meetings of the Committee provides a forum where all parties are able to discuss a wide range of topics including airport development, airport operations, passenger experience, surface access, government consultations, noise and other environmental issues. The meetings are generally open to the public and we welcome interest in what we do.”

When does the ACC meet?

Meetings take place quarterly and are held in Lulsgate House, except in the current circumstances where the meetings are held virtually using Microsoft Teams. All meetings are held on a Wednesday and commence at 14:30 hours.

Anyone wishing to attend a meeting must write to the Consultative Committee Secretary in advance and provide details of name, organisation represented and the reason wishing to attend the meeting. The request will be reviewed, and response will provide necessary details regarding visitor passes and car parking.

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Government guidance

Guidelines for Airport Consultative Committees