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Planning for the future

We need to plan for the long-term to ensure we can continue to meet demand for air travel to and from the region we serve.

As we update our Master Plan you will find all the latest information here, including how to input your ideas and share your views with us.

Five pillars

Airport Master Plans are intended to provide a clear statement of intent in order to aid long-term planning, with content including forecasts, infrastructure proposals and impacts on people and the environment. As we update our Master Plan, five pillars will guide our thinking about the future.

A world-leading regional airport
Easy and convenient access, excellent on-time performance, world-leading and friendly customer service, a great range of destinations, state-of-the-art facilities and a sense of place that reflects the South West of the UK.

Employment and economic growth
Creating employment and supporting economic growth by connecting people and businesses from across the South West and South Wales to new markets, talent and tourists.

At the heart of an integrated transport network
Making Bristol Airport an integrated transport hub by bringing together different modes of transport, not just for our passengers and staff but for people travelling within the region.

Sustainable approach
Using all the tools at our disposal to reduce and mitigate our impact on communities and the environment, locally and globally.

Value for money
Developing infrastructure which can be phased to meet demand, delivers a return on investment, and from which other stakeholders will benefit.

Current developments

Our 2011 planning permission consists of 30 separate component projects which have been delivered in a phased approach. Much of this development – including two major terminal extensions – has been completed. Other projects will commence soon, including construction of a multi-storey car park opposite the terminal.

Developments at Bristol Airport

Previous plans

Our long term vision for development was first set out in a Master Plan published back in 2006 in response to the 2003 Government White Paper, the ‘Future of Air Transport’. 

Our Surface Access Strategy sets out how we aim to deliver a low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network for travel to and from Bristol Airport for staff and passengers.

Our Noise Action Plan sets out measures to control and mitigate the impacts of noise.

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