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Master Plan

Government encourages airports to produce Master Plans to enable future development to be given due consideration in local planning processes.

Bristol Airport has published two consultation documents on the Master Plan: Your Airport: your views – a world of opportunities (November 2017) and; Your airport: your views – towards 2050 (May 2018). The 2018 consultation document included the introduction of a phased approach to delivery with the 12mppa planning application as the first phase. This was in response to consultation responses, providing a clear direction of travel through to 2026. It was the intention to consult on the final draft of the Master Plan in 2018/2019. The planning application was submitted to North Somerset Council in December 2018 and it was decided to pause the Master Plan whilst these plans were considered, giving the public opportunity to comment on the planning application. Bristol Airport are now appealing the decision taken by North Somerset Council in March 2020 to refuse the planning application. The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected the aviation industry in the short term and to inform the planning appeal, Bristol Airport provided updated forecasts in November 2020.

Bristol Airport are very much committed to finalising the Master Plan. Given the impact of the 12 million passengers per annum (mppa) proposals on plans at the airport for the next 10 years, we have decided to produce the final document once the planning appeal is decided. This will allow us to provide certainty to the local community up to 12mppa which we currently anticipate will be reached in 2030.  This approach also allows the updated forecasts to be taken into account.

Bristol Airport published its first Master Plan in 2006.  The consultation documents mentioned above are available to view here:

Consultation 1: Your airport: your views - a world of opportunities


Economic impact report


Consultation report


Consultation 2: Your airport: your views - towards 2050