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Concessionary Scheme Terms and Conditions

Short Stay & Pick Up Car Park

  • Bristol Airport operates a concessionary scheme for residents of selected areas of the immediate vicinity of the Airport to access the Short Stay & Pick Up Car Park (SSPU).
  • Qualifying postcodes are to be determined by Bristol Airport at its absolute discretion.
  • The concessionary scheme will offer qualifying members a maximum of 40 minutes free parking in the SSPU only.
  • Stays of over 40 minutes will be charged at the full public tariff, which is displayed on the tariff board within the car park. No exceptions will be made.
  • There is no free parking for stays over 40 minutes at any time.
  • The scheme applies to the SSPU only. All other car parks are excluded.
  • Maximum of one visit per day per member. Additional visits will be charged at the full public tariff. Bristol Airport reserves the right to charge for any additional visits retrospectively.
  • Any vehicle opted into the scheme must be registered to a qualifying property and must be adequately insured. Copies of the supporting documentation, including the vehicles VS registration form and certificate of motor insurance must be submitted with each application or amendment.
  • A maximum of one vehicle per eligible household can be opted into the scheme.
  • To replace a vehicle currently opted into the scheme with a new vehicle, members must contact Bristol Airport’ Ground Transportation Administration Team in writing or by email ([email protected]) at least 28 days in advance.
  • Any commercial activity in the SSPU is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to; Taxi & private hire services, chauffeur & executive operations, airport parking transfer services, meet & greet parking, commercial deliveries, collections or commercial trading of any kind. Any evidence of any member or vehicle being involved in such a breach may result in an exclusion of that vehicle and address from the scheme.
  • There is no charge to members to become accepted into the discount scheme.
  • Bristol Airport may refuse applications for any reason and is under no obligation to provide justification for such refusal. The decision of Bristol Airport will be final.
  • Bristol Airport may remove the member or his or her vehicle from the discount scheme for any reason, at any time.
  • The SSPU area is monitored by CCTV cameras. Bristol Airport will report any damage caused to our equipment or any vehicles to the police.
  • Any person who interferes with or attempts to interfere with ANPR equipment may be prohibited from using any Bristol Airport car parks in the future. Bristol Airport may report any attempts to avoid paying the correct fee to the police.
  • Vehicles parked in roadways or on any other non-designated parking area may be moved by Bristol Airport or the police without prior notice and a charge for their removal may be levied.
  • The SSPU is a ticketless area. No tickets will be issued on entry and no tickets will need to be placed in the barriers on exit. The SSPU works using Automatic Number Plate Registration (ANPR). The tariff will be applied when the ANPR camera unit reads the vehicle number plate at the exit barrier.
  • If the ANPR cameras cannot read the vehicle number plate for any reason (including but not limited to snow, dirt, ice, vehicle body parts, manmade devices or other obstructions) the appropriate fee will be payable (without discount) as specified on the tariff board. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to ensure the number plate is kept clean and clear in order to ensure the correct fee (including the discount where applicable) is charged.
  • Any person who tampers with or attempts to tamper with vehicle registration plates to avoid paying the correct fee, may be prohibited from using any Bristol Airport car parks in the future.
  • If the discount does not apply for any reason, no refund will be made by Bristol Airport.
  • The acceptance of any member into the community parking concessionary scheme does not create or imply any contract between Bristol Airport and the member. The community parking concessionary scheme is operated as a gesture of goodwill entirely at the discretion of Bristol Airport.
  • Applications for the scheme can be made in writing to: Ground Transportation Administrator, Bristol Airport, Bristol BS48 3DY, or via email at [email protected].
  • Changes to vehicle details can be made in writing or via email to the contact details above.
  • Bristol Airport does not guarantee that each application or amendment will be processed by any set time period; however, Bristol Airport will endeavour to process all requests within 28 days.
  • Bristol Airport reserves the right, without prior notice, to withdraw or change the discount scheme or these terms and conditions at any time.
  • Any issue concerning the use or operation of the SSPU or concessionary scheme will be determined by Bristol Airport.
  • Bristol Airport reserves the right to exclude any person or vehicle from the SSPU car park or the concessionary scheme at any time.
  • Anyone using the SSPU car park must at all times comply with Bristol Airport’s Conditions of Parking.