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Diamond Fund

The Diamond Fund will seek to support projects in the local area which do not meet the criteria for Bristol Airport’s Local Community Fund.

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Bristol Airport’s Diamond Fund Committee meets quarterly and will assess all applications and respond within 5 working days of the Diamond Fund meeting date.  Applications will need to be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the Diamond Fund meeting.

Decision making process

  • Applications will be considered, and the Fund administered through the existing Bristol Airport and North Somerset Council representatives of Bristol Airport’s Local Community Fund 2024 Committee.
  • It will be at the discretion of the Diamond Fund Committee to decide how much funding is allocated to each project, however only in very exceptional circumstances will payment of over £1,000 be considered. This figure has been arrived at by reviewing the previous grants supported via the Diamond Fund in 2018.
  • We want this fund to be as accessible as possible. We will therefore not be identifying a certain area which can access the fund or stating which groups can or cannot apply for funding. However, the Diamond Fund Committee will take proximity to the Airport and the individual project into consideration when administering the fund.
  • Diamond Fund meetings will follow the Local Community Fund meeting on a quarterly basis.